Thursday, November 17, 2011

Easy DIY Swarovski Christmas Tree Necklace Tutorial

These ever so popular Swarovski Christmas tree necklaces are a great activity for kids and adults to do over the holidays.  The tutorial below includes photos with step by step instructions so you can make your own!  Have fun, and happy holidays!

Swarovski Christmas Trees Tutorial

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To make these, you will need:

1. Pliers
2. Swarovski crystal evergreen flower beads, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm (one each)
3. Swarovski square bead, 6mm
4. Swarovski bicone bead, 4mm
5. Bronze head pin (about 1.5")
6. Bronze jump ring (6-8mm)
7. Bronze chain

To start your Christmas tree, place the square bead at the base of the headpin, then add the 4 flower beads starting with the largest and ending with the smallest.  Add the bicone bead for the star.

Cut the headpin with your pliers about 3/8 inch above the star.  With your pliers, grab hold of the very tip of the headpin and bend it down in a circular motion to create a loop.

Open and attach the jump ring to your loop and place on the bronze chain to finish your necklace.  Make sure the jump ring is closed tightly after so it doesn't fall off.

And that's it! Easy, quick and fun!


  1. That's so cute and such a good idea! I'm definitely pinning this to my pinterest! :]

  2. I love it too!!! Very good idea! And soooooo cute!