Thursday, November 3, 2011

Monthly Coupon Codes & Giveaways

Today I decided that I'm going to be starting a monthly coupon code AND giveaway from my shop, so keep updated! This is how it will work:

Every month on the 3rd, I will randomly post a 10%, 15%, 20%, 25% OR "Free Shipping" coupon code that will expire the following month on the 3rd.  Take advantage of these when they are posted and send them to your family and friends so they can get in on the deals too!

Every month I will do a giveaway for a piece of jewelry from my shop.  Depending how people respond to these giveaways, they could become a weekly giveaway.  If you'd like to enter, please see the details below:

1. Follow my blog with your google account or email, and leave a 
comment with your username (or email): 1 entry

1. Blog about this giveaway, and leave a comment with your blog link: 3 entries!
2. Add  my CharmTopia shop to your Etsy Circle: 1 entry
3. Heart my CharmTopia shop on Etsy: 1 entry
4. Favorite three of my Etsy items: 1 entry
4. Post a link of your favorite piece of jewelry from my Etsy shop: 1 entry
5. Like my Facebook page:  2 entries
Be sure to leave a comment below for each entry. 
*No comment = no entry. 


*Please do not leave comments under Anonymous unless specifying your name.
**Keep posted for next's months giveaway!

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