Friday, June 21, 2013

The Universe

Universe themed products are the new fashion trend!  Our full moon and nebula jewelry have been most popular lately following this trend.  It got me to wondering why the universe is so appealing?  I think first off, it's just simply beautiful.  People like lights, sparkles, and well, 'bling'- which is what the stars together look like.  The night sky can become hard to ignore once you take a moment out of your busy life to really stop and look at what you see up there, and you start wondering.  You wonder at the things you are looking at, and the endless possibilities of what could be up there; the planets, how the solar system works, the constellations, endless galaxies, the pure perfection of how it all works together, the idea of other existing worlds and life.  Although we know so much more about it today then we ever have, there are still an incredible amount of mysteries that haven't yet been unfolded or discovered.  It can also change, even just a bit, the way you might see your yourself, your life, and your personal existence.  It may motivate you to look around at the lives of others, and wonder about who we all are and why we're here.  

From a more religious standpoint, Elder Neal A. Maxwell, an LDS church apostle, once said:  "This mortal experience through which we are passing is one in which beauties abound; subtleties and delicacies are all about us, waiting to be noticed. Wonders are everywhere to be seen. It is, however, the observing meek who will contemplate the lilies of the field, will ponder the galaxies and see God moving in His majesty, will notice, and then lift up, those whose hands hang down."  Meekness- A Dimension of True Discipleship, March 1983

Here is a universe themed treasury list I recently put together in our Etsy shop of some beautiful handmade products!

If you haven't taken the time to explore or ponder the universe, go look and learn-- you will be amazed!

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