Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Easy DIY Resin Rose Stud Earrings

These vintage style rose earrings are so easy to make, and go great with any outfit!  Here is a quick and easy tutorial on how to make them:

Supplies you will need:

1. Silicone tube (there are various kinds, all should work fine for this project)
2. 2 Resin flower flat backs
3. 2 Flat earring studs (6-10mm)
4. 2 Earring backs (metal or plastic)

You can find most of these supplies at Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and some other craft stores- if you don't have luck you can contact me and purchase a kit to make them yourself.

To make these is SO easy- all you do is dab a bit of silicone on the flat part of each earring stud, place the resin flower over it, making sure to not press to firmly.  Silicone acts differently than glue, so you only need enough pressure to make sure it spreads over the flat stud and the flower.  Let each each earring dry at least 3-5 hours, better overnight though.  To finish off, simply add the earring back onto each stud.

And thats it!  So quick and simple to make!  These are a GREAT way to save money on Christmas gifts, and other holiday gifts to family and friends.


  1. where in hobby lobby do you find the silicon and flowers?

  2. i cant find the flowers or silicon in hobby lobby, help